There stood an Oak overlooking the mountains. The cows grazed on the pastures from dawn to dusk. Life was beautiful.

He had just woken up when he saw Moment passing by.
“Hey Moment, can we talk?” Oak asked. “Not now… I am on an errand,” said Moment grimly.
“I have a challenging task for you,” he said, “I wonder if you can do it,” he smirked.
“What’s the task you want me to do?”
“It’s right there on the top of that mountain… I have been overlooking these mountains and have seen so much hardness there – neither the sun nor the water nor the wind have been able to soften it.”
“Is it too strong even for me; for who can withstand me? I am patient and always on the move. I’ll take up the new assignment,” boasted Moment.

“Oh dear, I have stood here for ages and I haven’t seen a thing move on the top. It shines brightest and it rains hardest too. The wind can blow off my top but not that of the mountain,” warned Oak.

“OK I’ll do my bit and let’s see what you have to say,” said Moment.
“Are you sure you are up to the challenge?” mocked Oak.
“Of course, no challenge is too big for me,” maintained Moment. So off it went looking for a way to meet the challenge head-on.

It went to a newly married couple first.

Suddenly they woke up in the morning wanting to go on an expedition.

“It will be fun,” they said to each other as they packed their bags and set off in their car.

“Hey look, there’s a fire already to keep us warm,” chirped the husband as they finally reached the top of the mountain.
“Come on and warm yourself up.”
“Oh dear, so warm and nice,” said the wife.
“Take a drink… it was a long climb.”
“Yes it was. What’s next?” she asked.
“Get some rest.”
“And lunch?”
“That’s later.”

“I am already hungry.”
“Don’t tell me… you make something,” said the husband.
“There is nothing here to cook.”
“Oh, you should have thought about it. There is already a fire… what else do you need?” he raised his voice.

“I need stuff to cook,” demanded the wife.
“Take the clothes,” said the husband.
“What can I do with clothes?”
“Wear them of course.”
“And what should I cook?”
“Cook doughnuts; we still have them, don’t we?” he yelled.
“You are such a fool to not think about food.”

Banging on the rock with a knife and breaking some pieces, “Here cook these, they’ll taste just fine.”
“No, I have a better idea.”
And she pelted some rocks at him.
And he gathered some more and soon there was quite a dent at the top of the mountain and the couple ran away one in hot pursuit of the other.

“Oh no,” said Oak. Was it this easy for Moment?”
When Moment came by, it said, “Job done.”
“Not really, there is a dent all right. But it is still hard at the top.”
“When the rain water stays in the dent, it will make the dent larger until the rock eventually breaks into tiny pieces called sand – it’s a small matter for Time, my elder brother,” it grimaced. “I told you I am patient and always on the move, haha. I have power to achieve great results,” and Moment flitted past.

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